New needle felted earrings, great unique jewellery ideas for this season

Ive been toying with the idea of adding a new jewellery section to my Etsy shop and having had worked on miniatures needle felted pieces the idea of fruity drop earrings seemed like the new step into my new range.  The process has been quite a learning curve, teaching myself new techniques but overall I’m really happy with this first set.

Working small is tricky but the overall effect is very cute. First I decided to try creating smaller versions of my needle felted toadstools, each tiny white spot was a little time consuming. Then next up were the lemon drop earrings, I love these they remind me of sherbert lemon sweet; I might adapt the design to allow me to create some pineapple earrings?
Finally the trickiest of the three are possible my favourite, the set of  watermelon slice earrings! The beads I sewn on both sides really look like tiny seeds.

Each set is now available in my Etsy shop in the earring section, they are made from needle felted New Zealand wool and they all have sterling silver wire hooks attached for easy wear.
Now, what should I add to the collection....apples, cherries, pears,......bananas? 
What would you choose?



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