Autumn Fall decor - how do you decorate your home for the cosy season

Autumn is my favourite time of year, it is a time to get cosy, eat comforting food, wear thick chunky knits and sit by the fire.
I try to add autumnal fall decorations to my home, anything from berries, leaves and flowers cut from the garden to pumpkins and squash in an array of colours and shapes. It is also a time of year when I am inspired by nature and make cute items to decorate my home.

Obviously the fungi is abundant in woodlands in the Autumn here in the UK and they have given me some fun inspiration over the years. From needle felted tiny mushroom decorations to these sweet plushie toadstool cushions, you can find both patterns and instructions in my books.

Pumpkins and squashes are amazing too, not only are they delicious to eat (I always make pumpkin pie and roasted butternut squash & sage pasta) but they look so beautiful arranged in a basket or on an autumnal dinning table display. My needle felted and plushie versions are great all year round too and make fab Halloween decorations too!

Then not forgetting the stunning display of colour that Mother Nature provides us with in the Fall. The leaves on trees and shrubs can be spectacular, we have a Virginia Creeper in our garden that is so rich in colours from deep reds to yellows.  I used to thread dried leaves on string and hang them in the house but now I have created the needle felted version it can stay up longer. The mighty Oak tree is one of my favourites at this time too, beautifully shaped leaves and pretty acorns that can bet arranged around the house, thats if the squirrels don’t get them first!

What’s your favourite bit about Autumn, let me know!



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