Latest Needle Felted Dog Pet Commissions

Here are some more recent larger needle felted dog commissions that went off at the end of May to there new owners. A very handsome long legged Fox Terrier and the sweetest little Jack Russell, both very much loved and missed pets.

When I get to make a special commissioned piece I usually like to trawl through my bits and bobs bead draw to see if there’s anything I can add to give the pet that personal touch. Usually I’ll add something to the collar and this time I needed a little peace sign especially for the fox terrier, which I knew I didn’t have.

I tried various attempts at creating my own version either in wire or hand embroidering one on the collar but it wasn’t looking right, luckily here in Brighton we have the fabulous Kerrie Berrie bead shop and I knew she would have just the perfect charms. Kerrie hunted down the perfect peace sign which was exactly what I was after.
Whilst I was there I discovered some really cute tags with initials on, so I grabbed a couple for these two pooches and some beautiful little hearts that I can use in the future.

I’m so pleased with the new embellishments, especially the initialled ones as this will now allow me to offer a unique personal touch to future pet commissions.
So, if you are after a one off pet commission, then do get in touch my books are always open!



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