Spring time!

Is it too early, I picked this stem of blossom from our allotment but I can't help feeling that its far too early. Still, it makes a great display and excellent crafty ideas for the future!

Well its full steam ahead on the Country Living Fair. I can't wait to see my corsages on Plump Pudding Stand and to meet Samantha. I wonder if anyone will be wearing those Blogger badges suggested by Polka Dot Pebble? I will keep my eyes peeled!

And when I need to be doing lots of crochet work, I go and try something new! I have been inspired by the Ripple blankets on Yarnstorm blog. Yes I Know its not ripples, but next time!


Ragged Roses said…
Hello, thanks for the welcome! it does seem that we're neighbours. Love your blog - best of luck with the Country Living Fair. Isn't it lovely here when the sun shines
Kim x
Anonymous said…
Lovely flowers, both the real ones and the crochet ones too. Looks like an great stash of seed packets too, getting our stash was like Christmas all over again.

Nonnie said…
Oh I went to the fair on Friday, but totally forgot about the bloggers badges. At least I knew how to find Samantha but now I'm wondering if there were any other bloggers there I missed. Your corsages looked really lovely by the way.

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