Sloe Gin - The Tutorial!

I know, its not sewing but its so worth it! Last October (on my birthday) we went for a beautiful walk on the Sussex Downs to collect sloes. It was probably the best birthday I could have had! See pics here.
Anyway, when we got back, the sloes were washed and pricked, put in jam jars, sugar poured over and topped up with Gin.
5 months later.............

Yummy! The most beautiful Sloe Gin, which will NOT be slow to drink! We had a sneek wee bottle at Christmas. Youv'e got to sample these products, haven't you!?

Its been yet another glorious sunny day here, perfect for a cup of tea and a good read of the latest Country Living - I will be going to the Fair on Friday, maybe Samantha at Plump Pudding will let me take a pic of her stall.

Ta ta!


Ragged Roses said…
Hello again. Glad to see we didn't strip the Downs bare of sloes last year when we went gathering! It makes the most fantastic Christmas present and we now take orders from friends, plus the kids love pricking all the sloes! Isn't it the most beautiful colour? We obviously have similar tastes.
You are lucky - I've not been able to upload any photos for 2 days now for a new post. Blogger is just not playing ball with me!
Another lovely day
Kim xxx
Ragged Roses said…
Thanks for the advice - I think I've got to the bottom of it, something to do with using a Mac and safari - not sure how long before it's remedied.
I think I know the house you mean - is it the one that's near the farm? If it is we want that one too!
We walked to Ditchling on Saturday and it was wonderful. Have you done that walk?
Kim x
Sloe gin is my favourite drink ever. I used to go to a little old pub overlooking the river on Pultney bridge, when I was at uni in Bath, and order sloe gin - people thought that I was very odd, only being 21 and all that. Perhaps it's a country thing! You are clever, I couldn't make my own, it would explode I'm sure. Thankyou for reminding me of my wild days. And please take a picture of Sams stall for us, have a nice time tomorrow. Victoria x
Ragged Roses said…
I bet our sloes are from the same place too!
Ragged Roses said…
Just wanted to add that I was showing my daughter your blog and she noticed the date on your sloe gin label. We were up on the Downs on the very same spot that day as it was my daughter's birthday party and we had a spoof Famous Five picnic and hike there. Life is full of coincidences ...
Kim x

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