Why Oh Why today?

Why is it that today we have glorious sunshine, the children are both at school and nursery and I fell like this!
I have been looking forward to a day of either sewing or digging on the allotment and I go and catch a cold. I am going to stamp my feet and shout "its not fare, its not fare!"

So I am just having to curl up in bed, Lemsip in one hand, laptop on lap and chocolate biscuits coming out of my ears! (not too bad really). The only sewing getting done in this house at the mo is by my 7 year old son. He wanted "to do what you do mum" at the weekend, its going to take a while but I am so proud!

My lovely hubbie to be bought me a gift last week, a Cath Kidston dressing gown and a CD with one of my favourite Vaughn Williams tracks - Skylark Ascending! Ahh, what was he after I hear you say, possibly the guilt of buying this laptop! I'm not complaining.... ;-)


Hi! Thank you for visiting me and leaving a commment! Lovely to meet you (or so to speak) and I'll have to come back for more visits. Your blog is charming! I have several English friends over in your neck of the woods! Have a happy day and eat a chocolate biscuit for me...I am drinking my coffee solo style..would love a biscuit!

Becky in California
the flour loft said…
Hope you feel better soon Emma... Just snuggle up with the kids, make something simple like beans on toast for tea and watch a family film and enjoy being cosy and when they have gone to bed let your man look after you (to free his guilt further) and listen to your new Vaughn Williams (Skylark Ascending is one of my husband's favourites too.. has to be listened to really loud).
Take care
dottycookie said…
Oh, isn't that just always the way? Hope you feel better soon.
We had the Lark Ascending at our wedding - we both love it too!
Hi Emma, lovely of you to come visit my blog. I popped over to yours, love your work,and what lovely boys! Talking of books, do you know the work of Jessie Chorley?she makes stitched books, well worth googlin and taking a look. Good luck with the exhibition. Best Wishes from Annie x
Ragged Roses said…
Hi Emma - poor you! Hope you're being looked after now the men are back from school/work. Perfect opportunity to mooch around in your new very gorgeous dressing gown. Seriously, hope you're feeling better soon. My oldest has come home from school today feeling rough with a similar thing. It really isn't fair when we've been waiting for the sun to shine for such a long time. Take care
Hello Emma
How rotten to serve you a cold on the only day that the sun came out in the last week.. as far as I can remember.
I do hope the Lemsip helps.. if not .. try hot lemon and honey.. always works for me.
I love that piece of music too.. in fact Vaughn Williams wrote heart soaring music generally..
Get well soon.

Nonnie said…
Hope you're feeling better today Emma. The sun is set to shine more in the next few days so hopefully you won't miss out on it. Sitting in front of the laptop with a supply of choccy biscuits in a gorgeous Cath Kidston dressing gown doesn't sound too bad though. I love the Lark Ascending too. I don't have it on CD but must get it.
Take care. Fiona x
Lucy Bloom said…
Hi Emma, that gorgeous CK dressing gown would make anyone feel better I'd say. Thanks for visiting my blog, good luck for the giveaway,
best wishes,
Lucy x
the homely year said…
Sorry to hear you have a cold...they're so annoying when they ruin plans. The only way is to give into it for a bit and enjoy the rest!
Hope you're feeling better soon.
Margaret and Noreen
Ragged Roses said…
Hi Emma glad you're feeling better and able to get out to Blakers at the weekend. If you follow the lane there's a short cut to Ditchling which is lovely (the walk that is, you probably know that Ditchling is lovely) , we sometimes stop for lunch there and have a wander back. It's a beautiful walk. Hope we can rearrange our coffee
I just realised I should have emailed all this to you. sorry
wow, what a nice hubby you have, I think I'd better show my other half your post!

Love the little bit of sewing your son is doing, what a cute picture...

You asked about the sofa covers, they are slip on covers from ikea, they were quite cheap and they wash really well.
Hope that helps, Jen x
MelMel said…
Hello....i'm new on here and enjoying reading the blogs! your house is so cute!
What a kind hubbie buying you such a thoughtful gift! I love lark ascending....we played during the signing of the marriage cert when we got married 2 yrs ago......whenever i hear it on clasic fm it still makes me smile!

hope you will pop in and say hi!x

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