A Handmade Christmas

This year JP and a I decided to try and make all our Christmas presents for family and friends. ''Oh easy peasy lemon squeezy'' we thought! But then most people we know have had things I make already over the years - that means new fresh ideas! Oh......... the brain struggled and succeeded.
This gave me the opportunity to try out a new bag from Amy Karols book Bend the rules sewing.

It was a success, the first photo shows an elongated version and the last was the actual pattern. Both recipients were very pleased (so was I!)

A batch of homemade cranberry and Apple chutney was made, and went down a treat along with Brandy Truffles and Sloe Gin!

For JP I made a very manly artist pencil wrap in suede, and a mobile phone holder. The boys got their Un-handmade Ben10 watches! but also one of my floppy bunnies (which had specific requirements!). Mmm, what else....... Aprons, needle cases and lavender hearts.

Jp got in on the act and made wire sculptures and cd compilations (with beautiful handmade illustrated covers).

We received lots of lovely goodies too, including these gorgeous handmade stockings made by Jane Foster. She is an extremely talented lady who I feel incredibly lucky to know very well. She makes fantastic bags, brooches and prints, all her own design. I strongly recommend you purchasing her work as she will be someone to watch!

With all this rain, I wish it would snow........ I will just have to enjoy our snowflakes on the window! Can't bear to take them down yet.


Anonymous said…
What lovely things you've made...the recipients must have been really pleased. It's great to be given something that's been specially created...so much more personal...a thing to treasure.
Margaret and Noreen
julia said…
I managed a total of zero hand-made gifts - great result eh! The time before Christmas just disappeared before my eyes. I love the bags you made, I think I feel a book purchase coming on!
Julia xx
Samantha said…
Great gifts - and lucky you with the stockings!
Ragged Roses said…
You made some wonderful pressies Emma! Love them all! We've got a Jane Foster print in our hallway - I love it!
Nonnie said…
Gosh you are good making so many Christmas presents. I made a few things but mainly just to add to the things I had bought. I did buy quite a few things from bloggers though so not so bad. I just always find it really difficult to make for the two men in my life(Dad and Brother-in-law) as obviously they're not too keen on anything pretty. The sloe gin would be a good option but for the fact they both make their own! I'll have to get my thinking cap on earlier this year.

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