The joy of Spring flowers, lifting the spirits at Nymans.

Spring is definitely making her mark, literally bursting with colour and growth. Last week after having a few days of feeling low, my mother and I visited one of our favourite national Trust gardens, Nymans.

You can never tire of the beauty that Nymans holds, each passing season, month and day you will be treated to an amazing planting scheme, new and old.

This spring the crocuses had spread to form a beautiful floral display and as for the the magnolias they are exceptional as usual. For most of the year a magnolia tree looks rather drab but before the leaves unfurl the flowers reveal an exotic beauty that anyone would lust over!

It was such a lift to the spirit, a natural way to banish those blues and I heartily recommend you pay a visit before the season changes, if only to get a whiff of its hidden delightful scents!


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