The wedding!

Rose in her dress!

The very handsome family!

I wont bore you with all the wedding details, but it was so lovely! Not only did we celebrate a momentous occasion but I also got to meet my first and only niece! Just befor christmas my sister gave birth (not that it shows!) to a beautiful little girl Rose and I adore her. I am at last an aunty even if it will be long distance one, I intend to fulfill those aunty duties! Oh what fun.

The very colouful photo above was taken the night befor the wedding, when my two sisters and I and one of her bridesmaids went up to the hill where they were to marry, drank champagne and practiced the walk down a red carpeted aisle! It was a tearful but as you can see a fun evening!

I will post more Aussie pics soon..............

By the way, I am nursing a very painful wisdom tooth, any tips?


Anonymous said…
Oh god, wisdom tooth pain!
Get it out of there, it's the only way to stop the dull aches, head pains and general feeling of lethargy. Bleugh!

Cherry xx
How lovely to be an aunty! Rose is such a cutie. Sounds like a beautiful wedding, the black and white photos are great.
Cloves - stewed in hot coffee, yum yum, helps with toothache, and makes your home smell wonderfully aromatic
Victoria x
Ragged Roses said…
I was going to suggest cloves too - or a good dentist! Lovely photos, Rose looks adorable. It must have been a wonderful wedding.
Kim x

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