Blooming marvelous!

When you feel like you have abandoned your poor garden, it suprises you! Bliss


Ragged Roses said…
I know that feeling. Our gardens seem to always surprise us. It's great when the flowers come, just enjoy them!
Kim x
julia said…
Lovely pictures, I can feel the sunshine just looking at them!

Julia x
AC said…
Great pictures.
Alison x
Anonymous said…
HAHAHA! What a great post. Blooming marvelous, as you quite rightly said!!

Love Cherry xx
ginny said…
Nature is just so beautiful and gives such gifts... lovely photos. ginny x
I love it when things you thought were, well dead! aren't and they surprise you with lovely little flowers that you didn't think would ever come, that is blooming marvelous indeed.
Thankyou so much for the brooch, it is really wonderful, I am so pleased and will treasure it (when I get it back from Pebble, who also seems to treasure it).
Oh, and thankyou for the strawberry buttons, you must have known that strawberries were my favourites. I will mention them in my blog very soon x
Thanks again
Victoria x
Anonymous said…
What beauties!

Marie x

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