Bargains galore and its a wrap!

I am trying to get myself ready for the May Festival Open House as I usually leave it to the last minute and get stressed!

So above are some crayon wraps that I seem to be making all year round. I love choosing colours for these, once I start I can't seem to stop.

We all love bargains and I must say I have done quite well this week. We have been after a cabinet to put our TV in for quite a while. Every time I enter our loung my stomach churns when I see wires, screens and dvds. Well walking past our local YMCA charity shop I came across this and a steal at £20!
I am afraid that someone else had spied it just half an hour before and did not snap it up in time! SORRY Kim, when you see a bargain you have to grab it, tee heee! Just needs a paint job and I will be smiling away!

I am afraid my next 2 bargains might not be so good as they were purchased from Primark. What with all the credit crunch and stuff sometimes you have to forget a few incy wincy morals. I love love this cardi, very much like a CK one, the colour is so much nicer than in the pic.

And these little pumps, a beautiful dove grey colour and a BARGAIN at £4.00.
A girl can never do without her pumps!
Must get back to my new little project ready for mothers day.......I will post pics if they work.


Bertie Meadows said…
Oh I love a good bargain. I'm desperate for a t.v cabinet, I hate to see mine out on display too. What colour are you going to paint it?
Bertie x
mollycupcakes said…
Liking the TV cabinet honey, will look fab with a lick of paint.
Can't wait to see the mother's day things.
And thanks for joining in the heart swap.
Have a good weekend.
Catherine x
Anonymous said…
Hi Em,
such a pretty colour cardigan ... can you believe it, i have never been into primark... i am not really sure where the nearest one is. i am very bad at shopping for me, though i am in urgent need of a wardrobe update! I love the cabinet... and your crayon rolls look bright and fun. Hope all the preps for your Open House go well... maybe a trip to Brighton in May would be good... let us know the details nearer the time as you are really not that far away.
have a lovely weekend.
Ginny xx
Shsjndkdns said…
Nothing wrong with Primark bargains! They look lovely. TV cabinet will look fab all painted up. Great find xx
Great bargain! Love the cardi as well, beautiful colour. Think I might pop over to our local Primark tomorrow for some bargain hunting, I never really go which is daft as it's only ten minutes up the road!

Nina x
Ragged Roses said…
No need to rub it in Emma!!! Seeing the photo has reminded me of just how lovely that cabinet was - you'll have to make it up to me somehow ....! Have you started to paint it yet? Best to get on with it, strike while the iron's hot (how ironic considering how much I dithered about buying the cabinet!). Have a fab weekend, it's a bit grey after yesterday isn't it? Love to your boys and give the cabinet a stroke for me
ThreadBeaur said…
I love the TV cabinet! What a great find. I love to go to the resale shop, they always have something fun.
Tina said…
I am dying to get myself some pumps. Specially now when comfort is my number 1 rule.
Concha said…
I love bargains too! :)

Oh that cabinet... what a steal!

I hope you'll visit my blog again soon! :)

Cheers from Lisbon,

Ragged Roses said…
I was hoping you might be able to offer us a cooked meal - our oven has broken too! Engineer coming Wednesday morning, hence jelly and custard!
vintagetown said…
Hi Sew recycled, and thank you for your comments on my blog. Think you've mixed me up with someone else, though, sadly, doesn't look like I'm featured on Folksy, unless I'm missing your blog, btw...Marionx
Anonymous said…
The cabinet's a real bargain... just right for a TV. I'm going to look out for one...the jumble of leads behind ours look such a mess!
Margaret and Noreen
Cut&Alter said…
What a lovely blog. Your TV cabinet is wonderful - what a great find and at such a good price!!! Your crayon rolls look beautiful all set out together - I really must get round to trying to make one. x
Curlew Country said…
Oh I am in awe of your lovey cardi - my most favourite shade of my most favourite colour! But alas I bet it's cropped and I have one too many curves for that shape!Enjoy wearing it.

Beautiful pumps too, and such bargains. Know what you mean about the moral squeeze but sure you'll wear them to bits and do them justice.
Ragged Roses said…
Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog - am feeling a bit better today. How about meeting up next week for that coffee?
About time you took the photo of the cabinet off, don't you think?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah said…
I'd forgotten about the heart swap that mollycupcakes had organised. She's paired us up. Looks like we have to send each other 6 heart items - is that right? This is my first one I've been involved in!
Let me know
Sarah said…
Glad it wasn't just me who forgot - sorry to hear about your little person being poorly too....
I'll be back in contact once I've done the 6 items for your address! Hope you like them x
Sarah said…
Me again - I'll be able to get your heart swap goodies sent this week. Can you please let me have your address.

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