New Year, new work, new shop......

I have decided that this year is the year to promote myself and my work. "What have you done then?" I hear you say.
Well, I have opened another shop via the Internet through Folksy. This time I am going to keep up with it and go for gold! You can access it either by the link above or on my sidebar.

I love the names people come up with for online shops, why and how ..... Folksy....Etsy. Such funny little names.

As you can see above and below, this is what is available in my shop at the mo.

The turquoise and grey corsages have been really popular this Christmas. I have found that my work seems to flow quite naturally with the colour trends.

I must pick up on it subconsciously within and around my surroundings.

I thought I had better put a few of these little bunnies on there. I love making these and I tried to work out how many I have made so far over the year......... well, I make about 12 in each batch, probably one batch a month..... erm so that's probably ......

150ish! Flippen eck!
No wonder my fingers are worn through! I love making them, I get quite precious about using my stash of fabrics but some how I get carried away and excited when coming up with combinations for the bunnies.
As for the corsages, don't make me count them, I have been making these for about 4 years and they sell so well, imagine........

A friend of mine gave me a stash of the most unusual fabrics recently, when I look at the patterns they remind me of Eastern Europe, Little Polish old ladies and their head scarfs.

Anyway, jabber jabber, less of this and more of the old sewing me dear!
Ta Ta for now

*Just added some new stock to my Etsy shop as well, so take a look!


Rubyred said…
Love the corsages,you have been a busy girl!
Selfsewn said…
Cute bunnies!
Funny I was thinking the same thing about the etsy name just this morning, it probably stands for something quite obvious.

Clare x
The Bunny Maker said…
Bunnies? bunnies?!!!
you need to have a look at my other blog!
we are bunny mad!
Thanks for the info about Jane Foster. I love you corsages, I can never resisit them!
Mrs B said…
oooooo lovely things!! I too am going to try and get a bit more sorted with the old retail! Well done you!! x realy like the mixed textiles gorgeous! x
Ragged Roses said…
Hello Emsy!
Wishing you heaps of good luck with the new shop, I'm sure you're going to do really well as, having seen your things in the flesh (ooooh madam), I know just how lovely they are. See you Sunday
Fabric Nation said…
Looks like good fun. Good luck with it. I think I saw your crafty goodness at the Brighton open house last summer. I had one of those internet deja vu moments when I saw the photo on your blog and thought, I've been in that photo! It looked great. I did it for the first time this christmas just gone at a friend's house. Good luck with the plans, I'm hoping to get out there a bit more too, waiting for a bit of sunshine so I can take some nice pics to upload.
LinenandRoses said…
Hi Emma. Saw you'd joined Folksy too. Good luck with it. Your brooches are so pretty.

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