You have got to just push yourself.


That's what I keep telling myself, if you don't try you will never know where it will lead.

The Green Tree Gallery in Borde Hill Gardens is a lovely place. They approached me at the Open House Festival in May and have been selling my Corsages, Crayon wraps and Bunnies. Well just before Christmas they asked all the artists if they would like to take part in the Affordable Art Sale this Feb.. I thought about it and what with being stuck to a sewing machine for most of December, I promptly forgot about it!


What with the credit crunch and making the decision that this is the year to promote my work, the light bulb above my head went PING!


So, out of the cupboard came the Textile pictures which did not sell in May and I have entered them to be sold at the Affordable Art Sale.

I was going to keep them for the next Open House, to fall back on just in case the creative juices don't flow, but I have wanted to do some new work for a while, this could be the incentive.


Like most artists/creative people, I find that I create better work under a little stress!

Mmmm...... I will be regretting those words come the end of April!

Its good though... really....... lets see......


Ragged Roses said…
Those textile pictures are lovely Emma, having seen them first hand I can vouch for their beauty!!!!
They are great pictures. I hope they sell for you. Its ounds a good fair to be involved with. A bit far for me but it does sound so like my sort of thing!
Twiggy said…
Your pictures are lovely. Sometimes it's good to feel the fear and do it anyway as the saying goes. I'm trying to summon up the courage to apply for the job that I'd love but it's a bit scarey, but nothing ventured etc....
Twiggy x
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for your comment on my blog - I have been enjoying looking at yours, and will check out your Etsy shop. The Valentine's hearts are so lovely - why would anyone want to buy most of the stuff in mainstream shops for Valentine's when they can have something as beautiful and homemade as this?
Good luck with the art fair!
x Elspeth

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