The Pea and his Princess!

This book is absolute must if you love truely beautiful illustrations. My sons had this bought for them last year and its a favourite at bed time at the mo - not only for them but for me too! I love the pictures so much and if like me, you love Manda's Princess and the Pea sets then you will love this book. We imagine the princess is sleeping on many layers of different foods! The book ISBN 0-09-943233-1 is a delightful twist on a classic fairytale. The prince ends up marrying the palace gardeners daughter! Ahhhh, sweet.

This is the picture at the back of the book of their palace allotment - Oh how I wish my allotment looked like this at the mo. Its getting there, we had the beetroot thinnings on sunday. The boys were not too keen until they saw what colour their tongues had gone!! They were soon champion beetroot eaters gobbling up small purple balls!

Sorry for the recent lack of postings - I have been far too busy, making another cushion for a client who wanted it as a christening present. A lot of satin stitch text!!!! Looked good in the end!

'Sugar and Spice' - Christening cushion

And here is a bag finished from a WIP Friday back at the end of June! Now in a shop hopefully being sold!!!!

Posted by PicasaMust go and spend some time with my little boy, school hols start soon so this is our last week on our own. Tara for now.


Anonymous said…
Oh that book looks lovely - I'll have to get it for Bella. Thanks for the compliment *blush*.
And your bag and pillow look fantastic.

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