Wedding Bag : Whiplash!

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I thought I would have a go of my first whiplash - and how perfect, bags!
I am entering this into the Fancy section as its just that, rather fancy!
I was given a week by a client to do a bag for a wedding she was going to. She showed me her outfit and said please please do a patchwork bag incorporating one of my corsages. She loves the idea of it being made from recycled material and the middle block with the flower pattern actually came from a dress that I bought for myself for a wedding but never wear it anymore. ( I chopped it up and turned it into a fancy long top!)
Well, inspired by her lovely dress that she had bought in France, here is my attempt.
Her dress was lovely a chocolate brown chiffon, with a bit of netting and lovely gathering. Very shabby but very chic as you can imagine.
When it was finished my heart was going crazy as I showed her, very scary but great fun and she loved it!
Hope you all do to!



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very nice!

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