WIP : Friday

This is part of a Friendship cushion that I was making on Friday for my good friend Vicky. We had a surprise party all planned as she was leaving us to move to the lovely countryside and me being me suggested that I make her a cushion with all our names on. Oh why do I have these mad ideas - so there I was making this in between looking after my 2 year old, visiting my other childs school strawberry tea party and organising everyone to turn up at a top secret hush hush party!

Well, it all went so well, we all had a VERY good time, she cried when she saw the cushion and had no idea of our plans. Perfect!!

I am just suffering today! Too much fizz, bed at 2am and a big picnic today, lets just say all the mums were a bit worse fo wears at the picnic. It had to be done, we will miss a truly good friend.

Vic's Friendship Cushion.

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Anonymous said…
What a lovely cushion! No wonder your friend cried!It's beautiful.

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