A scorching hot Monday!

I told you all that I was off to an Open House this weekend and well, a few glasses of bubbly went down rather nicely and I just had to buy this gorgeous button bracelet! I had a very good excuse as I already have a green one by the same artist but as I have worn it endlessly it is fraying some what and needed to be replaced!

I went to our local station carboot on Sunday and bought reams of khaki fabric for pennies and had promised the boys that I would attempt to make them a teepee. Well here is my attempt! Its standing up fine and looks great but it needed to be a little bigger at the bottom and not so wide at the top. A lot of gathering was done last night to remedie this little problem. My eldest hasn't seen it finished yet as he is at school, hope he likes it?

This is a close up of the door opening, I was getting carried away with the detail a bit, I forget that little boys don't see that sort of thing. As long as it stands and you can mess about in it they will be happy!
Oh well, must get on I have a proper commission for a bag this weekend, see you soon...... Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said…
gorgeous bracelet! And very cool teepee.

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