Hearts and bundles!

Yea! I have started some new work - I was inspired by that lovely cheque which dropped through my letterbox!
Today or should I say early this morning I recieved 12 roll (yes, 12!) of fabric that I won on ebay. Stipes, yum. I was so bleary eyed when the postman knocked on our door that it took me a while to realise that maybe if I put my goggles on then he and the bundles would have looked a bit clearer!
Poor postie, what a shock to see me in that state that early.

I was sooooo chuffed with my win, not sure what it will all turn into, but there will be a use I am sure. J came down this morning and was a bit shocked to see 12 rolls, he was expecting a small little package, ooops! He loves them anyhow - and commented on the fact that yes I do need a studio!


Anonymous said…
Those fabrics are lovely! I've just been buying some myself off of ebay. I think i might be addicted! Did you win them in one lot? Hope you get inspiration to make nice things with them.

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