Boys will be boys!

Well, I was supposed to be the one who does a bit of work, but my boys have put me to shame. With a bit of sawing, hammering and slapping of paint - 'Hey Presto' its a? ............. Oh well, they loved it!

'let it snow let it snow'


We usually get it once a year now, but oh boy its so worth it. Of course we were out there early as we could, snapping a way and building Bert our snowman (who has of course a homegrown organic carrot).

Its come over all grey again and there has been rumours that it might snow tonight ..... oh fingers crossed
As for being hard at work, I have really hit a slump. I can not shift myself, but today I recieved a cheque for some brooches sold on a gifted in design website and they want more. I feel the urge coming back. What a boost!


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