New beginnings!

May a send you all belated Christmas greetings and a fantastic New Year!

Yet again I have been far too busy (christmas craft fair after fair!) to update you all on life here in England, but its been a very hectic and emotional few months.
I am glad that 2006 has ended on a very happy note as it was beginning to look like a very scary year.
Back in May I had a health scare which shook me up some what and made me re-evaluate my life, family and future. I am glad to say that as from last Thursday I am healthy and can look forward!

Well how has the New Year started out for you all?
On New Years day we enjoyed a hearty family walk in a place called Stammner Park - it is a huge park that has a lovely big house and farm in it as well as a cute row of old flint cottages, plus hills, glorious hills.
The boys loved running wild and trying out their new scooters!
J and I enjoyed the air, boys and each other. It was just what the doctor ordered, blowing the old cobwebs away and starting a fresh.

Happy New Year everyone and I promise to keep up with my blog!
P.S. The sloe gin we made in October was yummy!


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