And the lucky winner is..........................

Can you see who has won?........

This little bunny is now called 'Lillybell' and the winner is Sara @ all about eden.
Well done, I think thats a fabulous name for her and she was so excited at pulling out the name from the bucket. Lillybell also pulled out 3 lucky runner ups Victoria May Plum, Nonnie and little cotton rabbits - so send me your details girls and a little something will be in the post.

There were some excellent names - Lottie being the popular one, Violet and one of my favourites, Pebble!

Well I have been very busy what with the Open House (final weekend coming up - so grab a bargain while you can) and also I had a whole day at the allotment . Oh my god - NETTLES, BRAMBLES!!!!!!!

I now have vey sore scratched stung arms but it was worth it to see a bit of land!!! I have now invested in a strimmer to tackle the grass that has grown around the tendered areas - got to keep on top of it!!! I MUST!!!!! Managed to get 2 rows each of Sirco carrots and Autumn King in (I know - its late!) and a row of Zinnas - just like Sarah Raven (I wish!!!)

Oh well, hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather - time to get on with some sewing (new bag in production in above photo - oh and new CL!)


I love the fabric of the bag you are making. Just picked up my copy of Country Living this morning, but it is May's issue - always a month later arriving here in Canada.
Nonnie said…
Ooh how exciting. I never win anything so getting runner up is lovely. I'll email you my details in a while. I'd love to have an allotment if I had the time. Just to grow flowers like Sarah Raven I think.
Ragged Roses said…
Yey for strimmers they're great! You have been busy - that bag looks lovely! I love zinnas I bet it'll look gorgeous when everything is in bloom. Good luck with the carrots and the scratches - poor you! Enjoy the magazine and have a rest!
Kim x
saraeden said…
im so suprised i won something its really made my day , no my week ...
im sooo happy (can you tell)....
thank you x x
Emma_byford said…
I love your little bunnies, they are adorable, how do I get my hands on one??? Do you have a shop, couldn't see it on your website, thank youuuuuu x
Lillybell is so cute, I love that name, I think that it suits her very well.
Congratulations to Sara, and congrats to me too!
I am so thrilled that I am a runner-up! Hooray,
Thankyou (and Lilly) so much. I will send my details soon.
Have a great weekend
Victoria xx
saraeden said…
thanks for the lovely comments , lilybel has arrived and she is beautiful !!! she has pride of place next to the putor ... sara x

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