What a grey grey day....

JP came back from the USA bearing gifts and look what I got! I know everyone has them but oh they are scrummy. BUT unfortunately being a man (bless him) he came back with a huge huge size! I know I have large feet but not that big. BOOO HOO!
Not to be defeated I have decided to sell them on ebay and hopefully be able to buy back the right size - fingers crossed.
Its lovely to see colour, its been so wet and grey here, musn't grumble we need the water. So I thought I would post this lovely pic from Aus. Look at that blue blue sky, ahhh.......

Life on the farm was very chilled, its seems a long way away now...........................


Ragged Roses said…
The colours of the shoes and that sky are just what I need. I can see a glimmer of blue through the window so maybe things are on the change ... Hope you sell the shoes and get the right size!
Kim x
I have crocs too (in a size that fits) they are so so yummy and comfy, I don't know how I lived without them.
Victoria x
Ragged Roses said…
Just wanted to say how good it was to meet you. Hope I haven't shattered too many illusions (i'm sure I have). Hope you had a good day yesterday, despite the rain. We visited that house you recommended opposite the park, the garden is amazing!
Kim x
Ragged Roses said…
Hello again
We cook them (the artichokes) in boiling water till tender (30-40 minutes). Pour over lots of olive oil, vinegar, garlic, capers and basil dressing and eat, Delicious!
Kim x

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