Spring is still here.

What a week that was. Not only did I nurse a wise tooth, sew a billion items for the Open House (which is going really well) and be there (smiling) all weekend but I had to do it all on my own as JP had to travel all the way to USA for work and leave me with 2 boys!!!! I did it, yep, I did and now I am cream crackered!
We were all very pleased to have him home - bearing gifts too!
Unfortunately he came home sleep deprived, jet lagged and to me, snotty nosed grump face! It was his birthday too, so we peeled ourselves off the sofa and went for a lovely walk to where we got the sloes for sloe gin, last year. Kim at ragged roses knows where I mean!

Its not a particularly nice pic of me, I was chomping on an apple, but just look at those wild cowslips (and the wild boys!) growing next to us and the pic above, it is still sping, I thought we had missed it when we were in Aus, hoorah!


Ragged Roses said…
I do know where you mean and we've had many picnics sitting on that very spot! It is the best place to be ... can't believe you managed a weekend at Open Houses, looking after 2 boys by yourself! you must be exhausted! So pleased its going well for you, we visited some on Sunday and they were busy despite the weather. Looking forward to visiting yours over the weekend (not sure which day as my daughter is singing on the beach as part of Streets of Brighton festival). You need a good glass of sloe gin!
Kim x
Primrose Hill said…
Spring is definitely still here, we've got the last of the daffs flowering in the garden!
L x
Anonymous said…
I am so jealous that you have such a beautiful place for picnics! I do live in a hilly/mountainous area (Pittsburgh is in the Alleghenies), but being urban, there aren't places that are so idyllic and peaceful as the hill your perched on with your boys!
Anonymous said…
Oops -- Anonymous was me -- I hit the wrong button. Sorry!

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