Do we celebrate 50?

Does one celebrate 50th post? I feel like I should but it seems a wee bit indulgent!
Its been a good weekend at the Open House, sold a few bunnies and some corsages - I am on a roll................... Lets see how it goes shall we!
Kim from Ragged Roses popped by with her stunning daughters, lovely lady and we live so near to each other. A little bunny by the name of Topsy (I have named all of them!) is hopping their way, might just have to sneak a few gifts in there for her girls, thats what you do when you have 2 boys - find an excuse to spoil girls with girly things!
The flowers above are from my garden. I was given a plant from a friend who was getting rid of a few and me being me can't let a poor ill plant die. So in it went not knowing what it was but I had an inckling - my hunch was right as it is flowering now, a variegated pink wiegela!

Carrots! If anyone has problems with fussy children try crinkle cut ones! My boys are fine with veg, they seem to eat them first but I needed cheering up and tried out my new toy (just seen in pic) its great. Oooo what can I chop next!

And yes I have tried to do a bit of work - more bunnies!


Ragged Roses said…
Yes you should indulge and celebrate! My daughters will be chuffed at being called stunning! Can't wait to collect Topsy! Glad things are going well for you too. Hadn't thought of crinkle cut carrots, might just have to do that (have just unwrapped another uneaten carrot from a lunch box today). I'll say it again, lovely to meet you too!
Kim x
Anonymous said…
Hello Emma

Congratulations on your 50th post! Glad to hear that you had a good weekend at the Open House. I love your blog.

Marie x
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on 50, well done.
Hope to see the finished bunnies, the material is delightful.
Tina said…
Hi Emma,
Thank you for coming over my blog. Congratulations on your 50th post. I think we should celebrate anything that really matters to us, so why not a 50th post? :)
Tina said…
oh yes, Bosham is such a lovely place but unfortunately we missed the tide coming in as we didn't know what time that happens. But I wondered the same about the cars parked by the water front. Hahaha, Crazy!
Tracy x said…
I love the thought of crinkle carrots and i am in my thirties!!
So glad that the open house is going well for you - it looks as if i will be too busy to visit which is a huge shame.
Oh - and happy, happy 50th..... here's to the next 50!
Tracy x

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