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' Chalk Cliff ' by Chrissy Guest

A while ago August 2006, I wrote about my good friend Chissy and her excellent progress as an up and coming artist. She did very well in the Artatfive exhibition and now there is no stopping her. She has just got into another gallery in a local town, Lewes. The Chalk Gallery has a varied range of work and is run by a cooperative of just 21 Artists (chrissy now being one of them). Chrissy's work fits perfectly yet still being original.
To top it all she finally has her own blog showcasing her work, so please go and check it out and give her your support!
Well done Chrissy, yet again I am very proud of you and will always look up to you for your expert guidance and support.


Chrissy Guest said…
Hello Emma,
Wow, thank you for your lovely words about my new work. I have just finished the clay painting, I'm realy pleased with it and I'll follow your advice about Art at Five when I email them. I haven't quite got the hang of the blogging yet. I really want to do a special link to yours and a nice write up, all about you and your work, I'll work it out soon. Take care, Love Chrissy x

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