I must be getting old..... or am I ?

Close up of girl, recycled sewn plastic.

Last saturday I visited the Internation Hobby & Craft show, and I will admit to feeling reluctant in going. In my mind I had an image of this kind of show being more entertaining for the slightly older lady. Ehhmm, sorry.
Well, as I turned up at the door I had to bustle my way through quite a few white haired craft crazy ladies followed by bedraggled bag laden husbands!
It was the perfect craft show if you were into scrapbooking & card making but sadly lacked sewing, knitting and basically crafty ideas that I like! It wasn't wasted though, on show they had knitted garden!

I really liked the radio and the texture of the grass.

The picnic was very tempting...... ooooh, anyone for a slice of Battenburg!

There were a few interesting tutorials, but nothing new. So come on girls lets shake of this old fuddy duddy crafting world and get in with the new exciting hobbies with the likes of Betz White, Plump Pudding and Tree Fall.


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