Scraps & Silly faces

Thanks to Plump Pudding I am going to fulfill (or I should say Samantha is going to ) one of my little ambitions. Samantha has kindly agreed to take some of my Corsages to the Country Living Spring Fair. I am so excited! Thankyou Samantha!
So hence a pile of corsages in the making which as always leads to a pile of scraps. So waste not want not, I have sewn all the scraps together rather than dump them in a bag.

These scrap panels turn out to look really pretty and its great fun putting them together (really quick as well). One day I will put all the panels together to create a big Crazy patchwork!

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said…
What a lovely blog! I didn't know you had one. Just added it to my favourites. Love your hall chair. See you on Saturday. Love Vic xx
Samantha said…
You look as though you have been busy - good luck with your corsages. Can't wait to see them!
katie said…
lovely patchwork - I ihave been playing around with fabric with simialr results - and what did you do with teh ebay stripes - they looked interesting!

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