* To fringe or not to fringe? .....

Well its done!
I had a voucher for a haircut last October from my lovely J and as usual left it and left it. I have to admit that I was nervous as it was at Lee Stafford, very intimidating looking place, but I discovered on Friday that he had sold the salon and now it was someone else. So I had a limited time to use my voucher ......and thought why not lets go wild! And a fringe it was! Im kinda liking it, the boys were a bit shocked!

Do you have a favourite mug - I have several, each one has its duty. My Penguin Agatha Christie is a daytime mug, a big Habitat china one is an early morning tea and this great little (and it is small) is my bed time mug. I LOVE CHARLIE AND LOLA! and this mug is perfect! It says on the back -"I am NOT sleepy and I will NOT go to bed"

Seeds have arrived!

Mmmm, just decided to collect wallpaper swatches! yum yum


Anonymous said…
Your fringe looks great and very youthful! I have to admit to trying to (unsuccesfully!) cut my own.... least said the better! Great blog by the way, hope you don't mind if I pop back soon!

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