Birthday Bag

It was a friends birthday last weekend and as probably one of my best clients (she is constantly buying my brooches!) I made her one of my special bags. She had admired the one I made for myself last year and had always said if she could afford it one day she would commision me to make her one. Well, what else could I given her as a pressie! So, from a pile of fabrics (above) a lovely patchwork bag with detachable corsage was made!

As she opened it slowly her face just showed how happy she was with it!

It was a fun evening and I ended up doing karioki (mmm, is that how you spell it?) which I confess to never having experienced, it was more of a game on the playstation which I think was was the appeal to me - and well, I didn't get home till 2am!

Must get back to some hearts and my new japanese brooches.....................


Anonymous said…
This is a great blog, thanks for visiting mine, I love it when I find new inspiration.

This bag is fantastic. I have a load of fabric from the Flibbertygibbet fabric swap, and having seen this I think I'll have a stab at a patchwork bag. I've never done patchwork before, fingers crossed!

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